Our Terms are straightforward and simple:


We will arrange all you require from wide range of services we offer. If you need something we do not offer, please ask and we will look into it.

We will be discreet and will not present your clients with our promotional material. We will never canvass your clients. We want them to return to you for repeat business and praise our service.

We will ensure that your clients will have access to our 24 Hr manned helpline and there always will be a responsible manager on duty around the clock shall they need any assistance.


Our rates are available on this website. We do not sell directly to public; we provide B2B service only to companies specialising in event business.

Our rates are agency exclusive use bulk rates. This means that we make these rates available on the assumption that we take care of your entire business in given destination, the bookings are not split between us and other ground agents and we are exclusive supplier for this destination.

This approach allows us to combine the buying power of many of our partners and achieve attractive rates for you.


We need to be in funds three weeks before your event, so we will invoice you four weeks before the date and there will be one-week payment term on our invoice. We might refuse to provide the service if we are not in funds by the date of event.


You can amend or cancel activity bookings up to three weeks before event.

Past this deadline we will invoice you for the events / accommodation booked, as we are liable to our suppliers.


We do need to know flight times to book anything relating to transfers to or from airport. We will provide final confirmation of such events only after we know flight times.

Participants need to follow itinerary times of they might miss their booked event.

Groups causing damage to activity property might be required to reimburse directly to activity operator.

Groups might be asked to sign disclaimers, to fill forms and to provide credit card swipes as a security against possible damage.

Please study carefully our activity descriptions on our website to know their content, rules and limitations.